Retirement event for NO-AD founding co-coordinator Prof. Menno Witter

On 30 Nov 2022 in NTNU, Prof. Menno Witter’s current and former colleagues, collaborators, trainees, as well as his family and friends were joining together to celebrate the life-long contribution of Prof. Menno Witter’s contributions to science and higher education. The event entitled “An Entorhinal Episode in Norway” was helded in Øya Helsehus, Mauritz Hansens gate 2, 7030 Trondheim, Auditorium ØHA1:

The programme consists of
0930 – 1000 Coffee and Tea
1000 – 1025 Menno’s contributions to the KISN by Edvard Moser
1030 – 1050 Menno’s contribution to education and outreach by Jonathan Whitlock
1055 – 1115 Break
“The Next Generation” (10min talks)
1115 – 1125 Jørgen Sugar
1130 – 1140 Shinya Ohara
1145 – 1155 Asgeir Kobro-Flatmoen
1200 – 1300 Break
Invited speakers – (40/45min talks)
1300 – 1340 Lynn Nadel: Dialogues between Hippocampus and Neocortex: Talking in Circles?
1345 – 1425 Toshio Iijima: Studies of functional architecture of the entorhinal cortex enjoyed with Dr. Witter
1430 – 1450 Break
1450 – 1530 Richard Morris: Spatial and episodic-like representations: egocentric, path-navigation and allocentric
1535 – 1615 Carol Barnes: From anatomy to gastronomy: Inspirations from Menno Witter
1620 – 1645 Break
1645 – 1715 Future perspectives by Menno P. Witter
1715 – 1815 Optional mingling (with drinks and snacks)

The event was chaired by Witter’s long-term collaborator the Nobel Laureate Prof. May-Britt Moser and was opened by his another long-term collaborator the Nobel Laureate Prof. Edvard Moser. Witter’s trainees and long-term collaborators gave exciting talks on memory and the brain. At the end of Prof. Witter’s speech, all the audience spontaneously stood up and applauded him for over one minutes!

Thank you Prof. Menno Witter for your instrumental contribution in building our NO-AD network and on your continued support of the NO-AD activities.

Some pictures of the events are shown below (photos: Fang EF).

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