Past videos

Lecture by Prof. Coleen Murphy from the Princeton University, 2018. (poto: Evandro F. Fang)

We record the NO-AD and NO-Age Seminar Series to enable a world-wide audience over the Internet, and to make available for viewers to watch at their convenience. All the videos recorded are with permission from the speakers. The speakers retain their copyright on the PPTs. Viewers are not allowed to use any of the PPTs for any public or private uses until a permission from the owner/speaker is obtained.

Prof. Jürgen Götz

Lecture by Prof. Jürgen Götz on ‘Alzheimer’s disease: Novel tau-based mechanisms and ultrasound-based therapeutic interventions’, University of Queensland, Australia.


Prof. Farrukh. A. Chaudhry

Lecture by Prof. Farrukh A. Chaudhry on ‘Glutamine transporters and their involvement in neuronal signalling and synaptic plasticity’, The University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway.


Prof. Mark P. Mattson

Lecture by Prof. Mark P. Mattson on ‘The impact of intermittent bioenergetic challenges on brain and body health’, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA

Video (from 06:30)

Asso. Prof. Evandro F. Fang group

Lecture by Asso. Prof. Evandro F. Fang on ‘增齡的10個分子生物學機制及其在促進健康長壽中的應用 The 10 hallmarks of ageing and their applications in healthy longevity‘, UiO, Oslo, Norway.

Video (lecture in Chinese, with slides in English)
An English version of Video in ARDD2020 meeting

Dr. Liu Shi

Lecture by Dr. Liu Shi on ‘Blood Proteomic Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease‘ from The University of Oxford, UK .


Prof. Jose M. Estrela

Lecture by Prof. Jose M. Estrela on ‘Is it possible to contorl the progression of ALS?’ from the University of Valencia, Spain.


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