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Lecture by Prof. Coleen Murphy from the Princeton University, 2018. (poto: Evandro F. Fang)

We record the NO-AD and NO-Age Seminar Series to enable a world-wide audience over the Internet, and to make available for viewers to watch at their convenience. All the videos recorded are with permission from the speakers. The speakers retain their copyright on the PPTs. Viewers are not allowed to use any of the PPTs for any public or private uses until a permission from the owner/speaker is obtained.

Prof. Jürgen Götz

09th June 2020: Lecture by Prof. Jürgen Götz on ‘Alzheimer’s disease: Novel tau-based mechanisms and ultrasound-based therapeutic interventions’, University of Queensland, Australia.


Prof. Farrukh. A. Chaudhry

16th June 2020: Lecture by Prof. Farrukh A. Chaudhry on ‘Glutamine transporters and their involvement in neuronal signalling and synaptic plasticity’, The University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway.


Prof. Mark P. Mattson

22nd June 2020: Lecture by Prof. Mark P. Mattson on ‘The impact of intermittent bioenergetic challenges on brain and body health’, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA

Video (from 06:30)

Asso. Prof. Evandro F. Fang

Lecture by Asso. Prof. Evandro F. Fang on ‘增齡的10個分子生物學機制及其在促進健康長壽中的應用 The 10 hallmarks of ageing and their applications in healthy longevity‘, UiO, Oslo, Norway.

Video 1 (lecture in Chinese, with slides in English)
Video 2: An English version in ARDD2020 meeting
Video 3: BBB meeting in the U. of Bergen

Dr. Liu Shi

14th July 2020: Lecture by Dr. Liu Shi on ‘Blood Proteomic Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease‘ from The University of Oxford, UK .


Prof. Jose M. Estrela

24th Sep 2020: Lecture by Prof. Jose M. Estrela on ‘Is it possible to contorl the progression of ALS?’ from the University of Valencia, Spain.


Prof. Nadia Raffaelil

28th Oct 2020: Lecture by Prof. Nadia Raffaelli, on ‘NAD biosynthesis: behind the need of a redox coenzyme’, Polytechnic University of Marche, 60131- Ancona, Italy

Video (to start from 13:30 min)

Assistant Prof. Bo-jun Chen

30th Oct 2020: Lecture by Assistant Prof. Bo-jun Chen on ´Melatonin promotes sleep by activating the BK channel´, The University of Connecticut School of Medicine ( USA)

Video (to start from 15:35 min)

Prof. Malene Hansen

10th Nov 2020: Lecture by Prof. Malene Hansen on “Cellular recycling: Role of autophagy in aging and disease”, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, USA

Video (to start from 2:00 min)

Assoc. Prof. Joseph Baur

23rd Nov 2020: Lecture by Associate Prof. Joseph Baur, on ‘Tracing and manipulating NAD+ metabolism in cells and michondria’, from the University of Pennsylvania, USA


The 1st NO/AD network meeting

25th Nov 2020: The 1st NO/AD network meeting features 4 key note speakers with topics covering molecular mechanisms, clinical treatment, biomarkers, and longitudinal cohorts, as well as short talks from 36 laboratories in Norway.

Video 1 (morning session)
Video 2 (afternoon session 1)
Video 3 (afternoon session 2, partially missing due to technical issues)

The 4th NO-Age meeting

03rd Dec 2020: The 4th NO-Age symposium (digital) on ‘The good, the bad, and the ugly’ by a inter-disciplinary panel of leading researchers on different aspects of ageing

Video 1
Video 2

Assistant Prof. Changning Wang

14th Jan 2021: Lecture by Prof. Changning Wang, on ‘Molecular imaging of NAD+-dependent deacetylase SIRT1 in the brain’, from Harvard Medical School, USA


Prof John Hardy (and Dr. Simon Dujardin

01st Feb 2021: The NO-Age and NO-AD Seminar Series 029: ‘Genetic dissection of neurodegenerative disease’ (tentative) by Prof John Hardy (Chair of the Molecular Biology of Neurological Disease) UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology, UK; and ‘Pathophysiological propagation of tau: from cell-to-cell transfer to seeding of pathology; how do we move forward?’ by Dr. Simon Dujardin, Harvard Medical School, USA


Prof. Scott A. Small and Dr. Rachel Bennett

08th Feb 2021: The NO-Age and NO-AD Seminar Series 021: ‘Anatomical Biology as a Key into Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Aging’, by Prof. Scott A. Small, Columbia University, and ‘Impact of tau on vascular function in Alzheimer’s disease’ by Dr. Rachel Bennett, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, USA


Assistant Prof. Changning Wang

15th Feb 2021: Lecture by Prof. Brian Kennedy, on ‘Molecular Mechanisms of ageing and strategies to extend healthy longevity’, from University of Singapore, Singapore.


Profs. Jackie Han and David Gems

22nd Feb 2021: Lectures by Profs. Jackie Han on ‘Heterogeneity of Aging in human population’ and David Gems on ‘What is ageing? Lessons from C. elegans’.


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