2020 Seasonal greetings to all NO-AD members

21st Dec 2020

2020 Seasonal greetings to all NO-AD members

Dear NO-AD members and friends,

What a splendid start in November we had; thank you all!

Impressive to listen to this condensation of Norwegian AD-related research, the ambition and radiating energy! (If you missed the 1st NO-AD network meeting, you can watch here https://noad100.com/videos-previous-events/ )

Now we have reached the time to relax, to celebrate the arrival of longer days, more light and thus more energy to collect and get ready for the New Year. Enjoy!

It is our wish that 2021 will be good to all of us, giving us continued good health, or improved health, coping with the pandemic, eventually resulting in a burst of activities within the network. Just like the neurons in our brain can only function as part of a network, the NO-AD members need the network, and the network needs you.

In 2021, we aim to extend and consolidate NO-AD from a pure network to a research commutation and learning platform. We have thus collected videos from previous speakers and we believe such videos will be useful resources for the whole AD community. Videos https://noad100.com/videos-previous-events/

In 2021, we aim to invite 30+ leading researchers on AD and related fields (e.g., aging) to give digital talks (zoom) in the NO-AD and NO-Age Seminar Series. Some confirmed speakers are Profs. John Hardy/UCL (1st Feb 2021), Scott A. Small/Columbia (08th Feb 2021), Brian Kennedy/Singapore (15th Feb 2021), Dietmar Thal/KU Leuven (19th April 2021)…..Please contact us if you want to give a talk or to nominate any of your colleagues to speak in this platform. A full list of the forthcoming talks are updated periodically here https://noad100.com/meetings-events/  

To initiate the New Year, we gladly introduce our NO-AD LOGO, which has been designed by Imen Belhaj. We encourage you to use this on your emails and letters to boost our community and show that we are working together to fight AD. The Logo https://noad100.com/logo/


Evandro Fei Fang & Menno Witter

Coordinators NO-AD

The 2021 postcard
Trondheim is a Norwegian city on the Trondheim Fjord. It was frequently used as the seat of the king, and was the capital of Norway until 1217. In the far middle of the picture was the Gothic Nidaros Cathedral which was built over a 230-year period, from 1070 to 1300 when it was substantially completed. It is the traditional location for the consecration of new kings of Norway. (compiled from wiki with modifications)

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